Update of ICC facts

International Crimes                   (date: 28 November 2017)

 I. Uganda

1 Dominic Ongwen                     On Trial

2 Joseph Kony                            At large

3 Vincent Otti                               At large

4 Okot Odhiambo                        Deceased

5 Raska Lukwiya                         Deceased

II. Democratic Republic of Congo

6 Thomas Lubanga                     Convicted

7 Bosco Ntaganda                      On Trial

8 Germain Katanga                    Convicted

9 Mathieu Ngudjolo                    Acquitted

10 Callixte Mbarushimana         Case failed

11 Silvestre Mudacumura          At large

III. Central African Republic

12 Jean-Pierre Bemba              Convicted

IV. Mali

13 Ahma al Faqi Al Mahdi         Convicted

V. Sudan/Darfur

14 President Al Bashir               At large

15 Ahmad Muhammad Harun   At large

16 Huhammad Hussein             At large

17 Ali Kushayb                           At large

18 Abu Garda                            Charges not confirmed

19 Abdallah Banda                     At large

20 Saleh M Jerbo                       Deceased

VI. Libya

21 Colonel Gaddafi                     Deceased

22 Al-Islam Gaddafi                     At large

23 Al-Senussi                              Inadmissable

24 Al-Tuhamy M Khaled              At large

25 Al Werfali                                At large

VII. Kenya

26 William Ruto                      Case failed, charges vacated

27 Joshua Sang                     Case failed, charges vacated

28 Henry K. Kosgey               Charges not confirmed

29 Uhuru Kenyatta                 Case failed, charges withdrawn

30 Francis Muthaura              Case failed, charges withdrawn

31 Mohammed Hussein Ali     Charges not confirmed

VIII. Ivory Coast

32 Laurent Gbagbo             On Trial

33 Charles Ble Goude         On Trial

34 Simone Gbagbo              At large

IX. Georgia


XI. Burundi


Total number of suspects: 34

At large: 12

Deceased: 4

Inadmissible: 1

Case came to confirmation of charges: 17

On Trial: 4

Case failed: 9

Convicted: 4


Offences against the administration of justice

35 Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo                 convicted

36 Aimé Kilolo Musamba                          convicted

37 Jean-Jacques Mangenda Kabongo     convicted

38 Fidèle Babala Wandu                           convicted

39 Narcisse Arido                                       convicted


40 Barasa                        at large

41 Gicheru                       at large

42 Kipkoech Bett             at large


8 suspects

5 convicted

3 at large

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